Crest 3D Whitestrips, Professional Effects: Day 1, and Wedding Updates

So I’m trying to whiten my teeth. I love coffee, tea, red wine and for 12 years… cigarettes (quit in 2009)

I picked up the package today for $60.00 CAD and I have one set on right now.
I also picked up Sensodyne Rapid Relief ($5.00) and a manual toothbrush ($2.00). I’m assuming I will have sensitive teeth from this, and I don’t think my oral b vitality will be comfortable.

The instructions say to wear for 30 minutes daily, but for faster results you can wear twice a day. Big Strip on top, little strip on the bottom. I did some looking around online and the conclusion I came to for me is that this type of white strips should give me the results I want, with less discomfort. What I read was that the 2 hour strips can be quite painful if you have sensitive teeth, and that the gentle ones may be useless for the amount of coffee/tea/red wine I love :)

I took a before picture, but since I’m obviously not happy with the colour of my teeth, I’ll save it to go with an after picture if these strips do diddly.

** Wedding updates **
My sisters are my bridesmaids, K’s brother is his best man
We are doing a bbq for the food, and my Dad is the cook!
We rented a beautiful Venue in Lunenburg for the weekend, for less than 1/2 the price of anywhere in Halifax for a day.
We are making our own Save the Dates/Invitations/RSVP’s
The RSVP’s will have song request spots, and we are making a playlist on Rdio instead of having a DJ
We are trying out a wine right now, if it works out we will make more for our wedding favors.

We are so excited :)

so…. We got Engaged!

ring1It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. So long, that when I thought about this post, I was actually imagining it on a new blog, dedicated only to our upcoming wedding. Like I was going to make a new blog just for that – after basically abandoning this one.

So Here I am. How has your Evening been?

About a month ago we took a quickie vacation to Bermuda. K works 24/7, and my job kinda crushes my soul. It was time for a break so Sunny, beautiful, friendly Bermuda to save the day :) And on the second day, he got down on one knee on the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen, with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. People talk about their instant unconditional love for a new born child – I feel that love for my ring ;)

Instantly, the wheels started turning, the planning began. I can see it in my head, but it’s hard to find exactly what we want. The one word description I would use is Rustic. Wood, green, white, natural. We set a date and booked our venue. One year from TODAY we will exchange vows at Second Paradise in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. A beautiful property on the water. Four buildings: a farm house, 2 cottages, and a loft – an open concept building that will house the dance and food. Every time I think of a sit down meal I feel a little dizzy. We’re going to be 30, dating for 5 years, lived together for 4.5 of them. Just want something simple so we might go with a BBQ! My father said he’d cook – what a guy! My sisters are going to be my bridesmaids (I am so lucky). And my Mom will be my rock :)

Anyways the purpose of the blog post. I want to have an inexpensive wedding. I want to talk about my favorites, and my blunders. If only I could print my pinterest board straight into real life :)

For now – THIS:

Happy Friday!

365 days to go ;)

Holy Hiatus!

Puppies, although amazing, happy and smart, are exhausting! Wow! ¬†However we are lucky that our pup – named Jackson – is fantastic. He is very happy, and calm. He sleeps all through the night and is now completely housebroken – all within one month of coming home. I love my weekends and spending time with him and K. We are so lucky that K works from home most of the time, so Jackson gets lots of daytime love and attention, as well as evenings and weekends with us both. I’m looking forward to warmer days, but in the meantime Jackson loves the snow!


But when I get a minute to myself when the pup is having a nap, all I can think about is the garden. I want the snow to go away right now so I can dig up our new back yard and grow stuff! I think I’ve got it narrowed down to:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • cucumber
  • pole beans
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • carrots

And all kinds of puppy-safe flowers – more to come on that! Lots of research to do there. I want to try square foot raised beds for the veggies. One, maybe two. I’m inspired by this “Plant a compact vegetable garden

Can’t wait – It’ll be really spring before we know it! Including the 1 hour time change this Sunday…. Ugh.